At the core, Jovi is a company of possibilities. Once you remove the obstacle of debilitating discomfort, what is possible for you? For those you love? Without discomfort, what is possible for the world

Jovi is the breakthrough in wellness women have waited centuries for – a wearable, reusable patch with patented neuro capacitive coupling technology that absorbs electrical signals of discomfort like a sponge.

This technology is changing actual lives and helping women everywhere live life to the fullest without the limits of physical discomfort. Can you imagine feeling good (or better... feeling great!) 365 days a year? We're here to tell you it's possible.

We believe the Jovi patch is the most important medical breakthrough in relief this century, and we have an entire community of women who agree. Since our start in February 2021, our technology has helped 100,000+ people experience MASSIVE relief – and we're just getting started. 

The stories we share here will be empowering, educational, and sometimes even borderline nerdy. We'll tell you about amazing experiences from our community that are almost guaranteed to make you cry, talk about the science that powers Jovi like our name is Bill Nye, and apparently even throw some poetry in the mix! Kidding. Maybe.

Anyway... if you're ready for relief, you're most definitely in the right place. Thanks, from the bottom of our hearts, for being here.

We are the women we've been waiting for.