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We’re dishing out all you need to know about Jovi (plus some).


Is Jovi a TENS unit?
The Jovi patch is nothing like a TENS unit! Jovi doesn’t send any electrical pulses into your body.
How the heck does this thing work?
Jovi uses nanotechnology to intercept messages caused by discomfort, giving your brain the ability to better manage and cope. Learn more about the inner workings of your Jovi patch here.
Is Jovi magnetic?
The patch doesn’t contain any magnets or materials that can hold a magnetic charge. (Don’t believe us? Try sticking Jovi to your fridge!)
How does neuro capacitive coupling work?
The billions of nanocapacitors inside the patch redirect messages caused by discomfort from your nervous system into the patch before they have a chance to alert your brain. The patch holds this energy, absorbing the bad vibes for you until it eventually lets go and turns to heat. That’s why you’ll feel Jovi slightly warm up while you’re using it! If you’re ready to geek out with us, we dive deep into the technology within the patch here.
Can you be burned by the unit?
Your Jovi patch will likely heat up by a couple degrees while in use. If you have overly sensitive skin, this warming will be more noticeable, but it shouldn’t lead to any burning.
Can it block other nerves in the surrounding area?
Jovi does not function like a typical nerve block. You will still feel regular sensations in the area while the patch is in use. The nanocapacitors inside the patch provide relief without slowing down any of your nervous system.
Is this a bio resonance device?
Jovi is nothing like a bio resonance device. There are no electrical pulses or waves being put into your body through the patch.
Can I develop a tolerance to the relief Jovi provides?
Since the technology within the Jovi patch is relatively new, long-term effects are unknown.
Could there be an interruption in nerve transmission?
Jovi is not a nerve block. You will still feel touch and temperature change in the area while the patch is in use.
How old do you need to be to use Jovi?
Jovi is a general wellness product that is not intended for use by children. Pregnant women should consult their physician.


How does the patch stay on?
There are tons of ways to use your Jovi patch! Each order comes with 5 reusable gel adhesives. You can also adhere Jovi to your clothing using a safety pin, medical or other 3M-style tape, or simply tuck the patch underneath a close-fitting article of clothing.
How do I use the adhesives?
The included adhesives allow for a super snug fit for your Jovi patch. To apply the adhesive, simply peel back the paper covering on the adhesive and align it on the patch. Once one side of the adhesive is stuck on the patch, peel off the clear protective covering on the other side, exposing the adhesive. This is the side you will place on your body!
How long does an adhesive last?
The included adhesives typically last for 3-5 uses. It all depends on how you’re wearing the patch and for how long!
What are the adhesives made of?
Our adhesives are made of medical grade acrylic and hydro-gel. No latex! The adhesives are completely optional and aren’t a must to feel the magic of Jovi.
My skin is super sensitive. Will the adhesives irritate me?
If you have skin sensitivities, you might want to use other methods of securing the Jovi patch. Lucky for you, there are tons of ways to wear it that don’t require anything sticky messing with your sensitive skin, such as placing the patch inside an article of clothing or keeping it in place using medical wrap!
Do you offer a return policy due to skin sensitivities?
If your skin is sensitive, we recommend skipping the adhesives and using one of the other recommended ways to place the patch. If the patch itself is causing irritation, we offer a 120-day money back guarantee.
Do you have to wear the patch on a clean shaven area or is hair okay?
Au naturel is A-ok! Just be warned that the gel adhesives will stick to your hair, which can cause discomfort when removing the patch. To avoid this, simply skip the adhesives and attach Jovi using one of the other recommended methods!
Can it be worn over clothes?
Yes! The Jovi can be applied over clothes. However, we recommend keeping the patch as close to the skin as possible for the best results.
Do I have to prep my skin before using it?
We recommend placing Jovi over clean skin – but if your discomfort kicks in on a dry shampoo day, it’s all good! Just be sure your skin is dry before placing the patch.

Use and Care

Which side of the patch goes on my skin?
Since the technology is sandwiched between the layers of the Jovi patch, there’s literally no wrong way to wear it!
How long does it take for relief to kick in?
The time varies for everyone, but you can typically expect that ahh-inducing moment within 10 minutes after finding the right placement. For recurring or long-term discomfort, we recommend wearing the patch for a few days for the best results.
How long will the patch last?
Hope you’re ready for a long term relationship! If you take good care of Jovi, your patch will take function at full capacity for years.
How long can I keep it on?
Take advantage of as much quality time with Jovi as you need! There’s no limit to how long you can wear the patch. Some people prefer to keep it on for a few hours at a time, while others have worn their patch for days straight.
Is Jovi safe to wear at night?
You betcha! We designed the Jovi to be as cozy as possible so you can wear it whenever, wherever you need it – including in bed.
Can you use more than one patch at a time?
You sure can! Many women prefer to use one patch on their uterus and another on the lower back. We recommend using no more than six at once.
Can it be used on other body parts?
Absolutely! Jovi can be placed almost anywhere you need it.
Do I need to charge it?
Jovi is a low-maintenance friend! The patch is powered from within and actually gets energy from intercepting your body’s bad vibes – no cords or chargers required!
Can it get wet?
The patch is water-resistant, but not completely waterproof. Do your best not to submerge Jovi in water for long periods of time. A sweaty workout sesh or brief encounter with water is perfectly fine as long as you dry the patch ASAP. Never put your Jovi through the washing machine!
My Jovi got grody. How do I clean it?
If your Jovi is in need of some TLC, simply wipe the patch with a clean, damp cloth and mild detergent as needed. Let it dry before applying to your not-so-sweet spot(s). Never – and we mean NEVER – put Jovi through the washing machine! Do not clean with alcohol or Clorox based cleaners.
Can Jovi help with other sources of discomfort?
Jovi isn’t picky. Simply place the patch a bit above the spot of discomfort or directly on the area in question and wait to feel relief. Remember that position is everything when experiencing the effects of Jovi! You’ll likely need to move the patch around a bit before you find the right spot.
Is there latex used in the patch or adhesives?

Shipping and Returns

I can’t wait to try Jovi! How soon will my order ship?
Orders placed during pre-order will ship on or before the week of March 15th. The estimated delivery date is based on your delivery address, the order in which your order was received, and the shipping option you’ve selected.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We can't wait to see where Jovi goes! Please note that international orders are subject to customs fees.
How do I contact the team at Jovi?
Reach out anytime via email: hello@meetjovi.com (customer service: support@meetjovi.com), phone: 833-462-5684 or by chatting with us online here.
Do you offer payment plans?
Sure do! We want to make Jovi as affordable as possible. We offer payment plans via Sezzle with payments of your order spread over 6 weeks.
What is your return policy?
If you’re not stoked, neither are we. Contact us for our 120-day 100% money back guarantee. Please note that returns/refunds will not be issued for items that have been cut or otherwise intentionally damaged by the customer.

Common Concerns

Who shouldn’t use Jovi?
This product is not intended for use by children. Pregnant women should consult their doctor.
Is Jovi safe for new moms? Is breastfeeding safe while using Jovi?
You should always check with your physician before introducing a new general wellness product into your lifestyle.
Can I wear Jovi through airport security?
You bet! Whether you’re wearing the patch or have it packed away in your suitcase or carry on, Jovi shouldn’t trigger any alarms with the TSA!
Will I get EMF exposure from Jovi?
Nah, girl! The Jovi patch doesn’t have a power supply or any EMF generators. Any energy Jovi collects from your body is converted to heat without frequency.
Does Jovi cause harmful damage due to radio frequencies?
That’s a negative. Jovi doesn’t transmit any radio frequencies whatsoever.
Is it normal for the patch to have a chemical smell?
The smell of the patch is simply from the ink used in the design. We know, it's annoying at first. It should diminish over time!
Can I use the patch if I have a pacemaker?
As with most wellness products, we recommend you consult your physician before using.
Can I wear Jovi during an MRI?
How will this product communicate that a doctor’s care is still important?
We always recommend consulting with your doctor before incorporating a new wellness product into your routine.
What if it doesn’t work?
Try, try again! We have confidence that when placed correctly, Jovi will work. Contact us to chat one-on-one! If Jovi still isn’t working after that, we offer a 120-day money back guarantee.
What research have you done to test Jovi?
Jovi is a general wellness product with hundreds of personal testimonials that back up our claims. We are in the process of seeking FDA approval and doing our best to meet their standards of claims. That is why you will not see clinical studies posted here until approved by the FDA.
Will Jovi interfere with my natural cycle?
If you are concerned about the effects of Jovi on your cycle, we recommend first speaking with your OB GYN or physician.
Can you wear it during sex?
You do you! Jovi is safe to wear during just about any everyday activities.
What if my kids get a hold of it?
While we recommend keeping Jovi in a safe, secure spot away from sticky little hands, you don’t need to panic if your kids grab ahold of the patch!
Is weight a factor in efficacy?
The patch works differently for everyone. Some women will feel relief in seconds, while others might not feel Jovi taking effect for 10 minutes or more.

About Jovi

Where is Jovi headquartered?
You can find us in Idaho, but not in your average business offices! When we say Jovi is centered around lifting women up, we mean it. Our HQ is a cozy Airstream that was completely renovated by a member of the Jovi community. Pretty darn amazing, right?
I want to scream my love for Jovi from the rooftops! Do you have a referral program?
We firmly believe that we are the women we have been waiting for. If you want to profess your love for Jovi loud and proud, apply to join our Inner Circle affiliate program.

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