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Meet the relief everyone is raving about!

Our Story

A little background on our Jovi journey

We are the women we've been waiting for

Our mission is simple: To free the women of the world from the pain that holds us back.

We believe that magic exists when innovation and passion collide, and that our purpose is bigger than our products. We believe in challenging the status quo, in taking care of our bodies and minds and accepting nothing less than the very best for our health. We believe in solidarity, knowing our stories make us stronger and that our biggest asset is community. We believe the world is a better place when women are free to show up as their best selves, and that life is too short to allow anything to hold us back – period.

Our promises

We exist to help you

Whether it's by walking you through finding the proper placement of your patch with our amazing customer support team, giving you a judgment-free zone to share your struggles on Instagram, or throwing some extra cash your way for sharing your love for Jovi as a member of our Inner Circle, helping women is kinda our thing.

We take your pain personally

Our team consists of people who truly care. Every decision we make is done with you in mind and, whenever possible, with the direct feedback of our amazing online community.

Our purpose is even greater than our products

A company is only as good as the heart behind it. We pledge to use our products purposefully! As we grow, our philanthropic efforts will expand with us. We aim to make this world a better place for all of (wo)mankind through community outreach, meaningful partnerships, and charitable donations.

This is a story about a patch named Jovi...

It all started with two inventors exploring possibilities for antenna technology for the military. After years of research, an innovative antenna system was created to operate on the electrical field.

The result was an incredibly powerful communications device as small as a credit card, powered from microscopic components within. And while some might consider that alone a win, our story doesn't stop there. 

Because do you know what else operates on an electrical field? Our bodies.

That’s right! Those small, powerful antennas were found to have the potential to work with the body’s internal electrical field, detecting signals caused by discomfort.

From there, investors were found, patents were secured, our parent company was created, and after seeing the technology work wonders for women during “that time of the month,” Jovi was born.

Today, Jovi has helped tens of thousands of women power through their periods – and we're just getting started!

Watch the beginning of our Jovi journey

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