Jovi is the brain-child of science and social media.

Technology invented for the military, transformed for the masses.

There were these guys, or these Gods… we aren’t quite sure what to call them. But they invented the technology we use called Signal Relief.

Our founder Suzy Holman learned of the technology through her best friend and knew the hundreds of thousands of women in her Instagram community needed its magic – so she teamed up with the inventors, the owners, and her community of strong women to bring it to the world!

It seemed too good to be true at first, but this patch is truly too good not to share.

We knew we had to bring Jovi to the world, but we needed to build the brand specifically around you. Your experiences. Your stories. Your opinions. Your needs.

You blew 👏🏼 us 👏🏼 away 👏🏼 with name ideas, color palettes, and logo designs. We cried together in our cozy Airstream in Idaho when you experienced the patch for yourself. We brought you along for a behind the scenes look at our many prototype fails, introduced you to the insanely smart inventors and investors of this life-changing technology, and watched like proud moms as you unveiled your inner supermodels during our first ever brand photoshoot.

Jovi has been fueled by the collective power of community (and a lot of diet soda) from the start.

How it’s going

Together, we built a brand that is changing the world for women. And what a labor of love it has been!