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Our mission is simple:
To free the women of the world from discomfort that holds us back.

Our background is pretty impressive.

It all started with military scientists exploring possibilities for antenna technology.

After years of research, an innovative antenna system was created to operate on the electrical field using nano capacitors. 

The result was an incredibly powerful communications device small enough to be worn as a patch, fueled from the components within. 

Some might consider that alone a win, but our story doesn't stop there. 

Because do you know what else operates on an electrical field?

Our bodies.

That’s right. Those small, powerful antennas were also discovered to have the ability to interact with the body’s internal electrical field, detecting when signals are awry due to discomfort. 

Investors were found, patents were secured, our parent company was created, and after seeing the technology work actual wonders for period cramp relief, Jovi was born.

To make a long story short...

To make a long story short...

Our technology started with scientists.

We took it to social media.

Our community took it to the next level.

And menstrual cycles will never be the same.

The proof is in the patch.

Why such a focus on period cramps?

Why such a focus on period cramps?

Of course women deal with more than just period problems, but the statistics are staggering: 80% of us will experience potentially debilitating menstrual cramps at some point in our lifetime. 

That’s the vast majority, yet for some reason society still treats period talk as taboo. At Jovi, our goal is to help more people power through their periods by conquering cramps with the Jovi patch. We also believe we’re stronger when we share our stories, which is why we chat with our close-knit community of 150K+ often to spread the word that the cycle of cramps stops now.

We believe...

We believe that magic exists when innovation and passion collide, and that our purpose is bigger than our products. We believe in challenging the status quo, in taking care of our bodies and minds and accepting nothing less than the very best for our health. We believe in solidarity, knowing our stories make us stronger and that our biggest asset is community. We believe the world is a better place when women are free to show up as their best selves, and that life is too short to allow anything to hold us back – period.

120-day trial period

Don’t love it? Don’t worry! Send the patch back and we’ll send you a full refund.(Spoiler alert: 97% of our customers happily commit to a long-term relationship with Jovi!)

Payment plans available

Make Jovi more affordable with Payment plans available through Sezzle! 4 easy payments. Zero interest. 100% worth it.

Made in the USA

All Jovi patches are proudly made in the USA in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. You can find Jovi headquarters parked (literally!) in our humble hometown of Rexburg, Idaho.