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Period pain has met its patch.

Reusable, drug-free relief for even the most intense period cramps

When it comes to period pain relief, there's no comparison.

Unlike harmful pills, heating pads that mask the pain, or TENS units that distract your brain, Jovi literally absorbs the pain signals coursing through your body.

Now available in two versatile shapes, the Jovi Patch and Jovi Band form an epic duo for relief literally anywhere.

✓ 100% drug-free
✓ Clinically tested technology powered by Signal Relief
✓ Reusable for 365+ days
✓ Discreet, durable, and wearable
✓ Feel better or your money back – guaranteed

Less period pain cramping your style – guaranteed.

No pills. No prescriptions. No more period problems.

Jovi Band
Jovi Band
Jovi Band From $149
Jovi Combo Pack
Jovi Combo Pack
Jovi Combo Pack Regular price$240
Jovi Band 3-Pack
Jovi Band 3-Pack
Jovi Band 3-Pack Regular price$325

“Jovi patches work as brilliantly as the next NASA innovation.” - FORBES

MASSSIVE relief in minutes

Drug-free relief for even the most intense menstrual cramps.
Clinically tested technology
100% Drug-free
Reusable 24/7/365
More than just menstrual
Clinically tested technology
100% Drug-free
Reusable 24/7/365
More than just menstrual

Powered by Signal Relief

The patented, clinically tested technology that powers the Jovi patch has been shown to significantly reduce moderate to severe pain, with 72% of participants reporting greater than a 30% reduction in pain based on preliminary data.

Prescription-free period cramp relief

The popular “solutions” for period pain are underwhelming, ineffective, and even straight-up harmful. Jovi doesn’t put a single thing into your body. She simply filters signals of pain out through patented, 100% drug-free technology.

Incredible relief for 40¢ per day

Whether you only wear her during your cycle or reach for relief from Jovi every day, every patch purchase is backed by a 1-year product warranty. Check out our payment plans available at checkout to make her even more affordable!

Use Jovi for any pain, every day

While she works wonders on cramps, Jovi is so much more than just menstrual! Use her for relief from backaches, sore muscles, menstrual cramps, and just about any source of pain that keeps you from showing up as your best self.


Relief everyone is raving about

"This is my first period in years I've been living a normal life wearing my patch wherever I go and not popping pills!"


"I CANNOT EXPLAIN MY GRATITUDE FOR JOVI! ...I am now thriving instead of surviving on my period."

Liana J.

"This is such a miracle... I can't even believe it... Actual tears down my cheeks. Where has this been my whole life?!"


"It has been years since I've made it through a cycle without medication. Jovi made it possible to manage cramps. THANK YOU!"

Samantha W.

"My Jovi works AMAZING! It has literally changed my life. I have now become an active participant in my family after years of sitting on the sidelines."

Our Guarantees

If you’re not thrilled, neither are we.
120-day trial period

Don’t love it? Don’t worry! Send the patch back and we’ll send you a full refund. (Spoiler alert: 97% of our customers happily commit to a long-term relationship with Jovi!)

Payment plans available

Make Jovi more affordable with Payment plans available through Shop Pay! 4 easy payments. Zero interest. 100% worth it.

Made in the USA

All Jovi patches are proudly made in the USA in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. You can find Jovi headquarters parked (literally!) in our humble hometown of Rexburg, Idaho.

Knowledgeable customer support

We’re biased, but our customer support team is the best in the biz. Chat with them Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm MDT by calling 833-462-5684.