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Intricate inner workings.
Incredibly simple to use.

Learn more about the impressive tech that powers the Jovi patch:

How does the Jovi patch work?

We get it – it doesn’t look like much, but hear us out. Jovi is powered by patented technology originally created for the military and backed by medical professionals. The Signal Relief technology sealed inside the Jovi patch detects signals from within the body and absorbs sensations of pain like a sponge.

Clinical trials on this patented Signal Relief technology have been completed with incredible results.

Put our technology to the test! Try Jovi risk-free for 120 days.

Meet Jovi
Meet Jovi
Meet Jovi Regular price$149
Jovi Patch 3-Pack
Jovi Patch 3-Pack
Jovi Patch 3-Pack Regular price$325
Meet Jovi
Meet Jovi
Meet Jovi From $149

120-day trial period

Don’t love it? Don’t worry! Send the patch back and we’ll send you a full refund. (Spoiler alert: 97% of our customers happily commit to a long-term relationship with Jovi!)

Payment plans available

Make Jovi more affordable with Payment plans available through Shop Pay! 4 easy payments. Zero interest. 100% worth it.

Made in the USA

All Jovi patches are proudly made in the USA in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. You can find Jovi headquarters in our humble hometown of Rexburg, Idaho.