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Intricate inner workings.
Incredibly simple to use.

Jovi offers reusable, drug-free relief for “that time of the month” and more.

Our bodies rely on electrical and chemical signals for everything. When you experience pain, electrical signals from your body’s nervous system are generated, sending a message to the brain and creating “noise” within your system similar to how a radio creates static. 

Inside the Jovi Patch, patented Signal Relief technology is designed to work alongside this natural electrical system to pick up the message your body is sending out. When placed on the source of your discomfort, microscopic particles between the layers of Jovi act as an antenna, helping to quiet the noise and reduce the impact of pain.

Hold Jovi up to the light. See those lines passing through? That’s the Signal Relief technology that powers the patch!

Still skeptical?

Still skeptical?

The best way to wrap your head around how Jovi works is to feel the tech working for yourself! Try Jovi risk-free during your next two menstrual cycles*. We promise she’ll make you feel better or your money back.

1. Find the pain.
Situate Jovi over the external area of your body where you feel the most intense pain (looking @ you, uterus).

2. Place the patch.
Once you find the spot, you’ll know it! Secure Jovi in place using the included latex-free adhesives or however you prefer. Pro tip: Tuck her into your underwear, leggings, or a sports bra for comfy all-day wear

3. Power through your period!
Use Jovi wherever, whenever you need her for drug-free, reusable relief.


*Try Jovi for 60 days

Put our technology to the test! Try Jovi for 60 days.

Meet Jovi
Meet Jovi
Meet Jovi Regular price$159
Jovi Combo Pack
Jovi Combo Pack
Jovi Combo Pack Regular price$270
Meet Jovi
Meet Jovi
Meet Jovi From $159

60-Day Trial Period

We guarantee you'll feel better or your money back! Try Jovi risk-free for up to 2 cycles or 60 days (whichever comes first). If you aren’t satisfied, send the patch back and we’ll send you a refund for it!

Buy Now. Pay Later

We’re on a mission to provide relief for everybody and every BODY in need. Make Jovi more affordable with payment plans available through ShopPay! 4 easy payments. Zero interest. 100% worth it.

1 Year Product Warranty

Every reusable Jovi Patch and Jovi Band purchase is backed by a 1-year product warranty. We guarantee you’ll continue experiencing the amazing benefits for at least one full year after purchase, even when worn daily!