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How to Use

Get up close and personal with your new BFF, Jovi.

Get up close and personal with your new BFF, Jovi.

Let’s skip the small talk and get right down to the nitty gritty: Placement of the patch is key to finding relief! To discover the full benefits of Jovi, you’ll first need to find the place where you feel your pain is radiating from.

Once you find the right placement, you’ll know it! If you don’t experience that ahh-inducing moment within a minute or two, simply move the patch around and try again. Wait approximately 2-3 minutes in each spot as you slowly move Jovi around the area.

For personalized placement advice, reach out to our Customer Support team! 

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Finding relief is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Pinpoint the pain

Locate the source of your discomfort.

it might not be where you think it is! Placement of the patch is the most important step in finding relief. Move the patch around until you feel the magic kick in.

Step 2: Place the patch

Situate the patch directly above the spot of pain. Jovi works by picking up the messages your body is sending out and rerouting them through the patch. The closer to the point of your pain, the better!


Some get frustrated when trying to find proper placement. Be patient! Keep moving your patch around and anticipate that it may take time to locate the right spot. For personalized placement advice, reach out to our Customer Support team:

Step 3: Power through your period

Jovi is helping thousands of women thrive through every day of their menstrual cycles! Use your patch wherever, whenever you need drug-free, reusable relief.

Placement Pro Tips

For ongoing or persistent pain, relief may take longer! Most experience the best results by wearing the patch for 24 hours.

Relief for cramps

Relief for back aches

Let’s lessen the burden of period cramps, shall we? Some women find relief by placing the patch on their abdomen, near the uterus. Others have more success with relief when Jovi is placed on the lower back. We recommend starting with the patch over the uterus and slowly moving it around the body towards your back until you find the correct placement.

Back aches can radiate significantly throughout the body. In other words, your pain might not be coming from exactly where you think it is! To find the source, place Jovi about an inch above where you feel the most severe discomfort. Give the patch 2-3 minutes to start working and slowly move it around the area, an inch at a time, until you start feeling relief.

Stick with us, babe.
All about the included adhesives

Stick with us, babe.

Jovi comes with 5 latex-free gel adhesives so you can wear Jovi anywhere without the risk of dropping her down the toilet (IYKYK).

While the adhesives are great, they aren’t necessary for relief! If you’re sensitive to the sticky stuff, you can also secure Jovi using medical tape or place the patch inside your favorite pair of leggings, underneath a sports bra, or wherever else it feels comfy while still having easy access to your skin. The options are literally endless!

Jovi is your most low maintenance friend.

Simple ways to get the most out of your Jovi patch.


DO: Find the best placement of the patch before you stick the adhesive.

DO: Be patient! What works for some may not work for all. For example, some women find no relief from cramps when the patch is placed on their stomach and better results when they place it on their back. Keep trying until you experience relief.

DO: Keep Jovi in a safe spot. We recommend your purse, nightstand drawer, in the car, or anywhere you can easily reach for relief when you need it.

DO: Wash Jovi when she gets grody with a clean, damp cloth, soap, and alcohol-free cleaner when needed. Rinse and dry with a clean cloth.


DON'T: Wash Jovi in a washing machine or use alcohol-based cleaners on your patch. Cleaning with a damp cloth is perfectly fine!

DON'T: Get discouraged if you don’t feel relief right away. Jovi works differently for everyone, and it might take a few minutes before you find the right spot! For persistent pain, this timeline might be even longer. If you have not felt relief after wearing the patch for 24 hours, please contact our incredible Customer Support team for help!

DON'T: Worry if you feel a warm, cool, or tingly sensation. That’s just Jovi doing her job!

DON'T: Spend another second dreading your period. Relief is finally here!

60-Day Trial Period

We guarantee you'll feel better or your money back! Try Jovi risk-free for up to 2 cycles or 60 days (whichever comes first). If you aren’t satisfied, send the patch back and we’ll send you a refund for it!

Buy Now. Pay Later

We’re on a mission to provide relief for everybody and every BODY in need. Make Jovi more affordable with payment plans available through ShopPay! 4 easy payments. Zero interest. 100% worth it.

1 Year Product Warranty

Every reusable Jovi Patch and Jovi Band purchase is backed by a 1-year product warranty. We guarantee you’ll continue experiencing the amazing benefits for at least one full year after purchase, even when worn daily!