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Meet Jovi

Clinically Tested Technology • Reusable • Risk-Free Regular price$149 Sale price

Meet Jovi

Clinically Tested Technology • Reusable • Risk-Free Regular price$149 Sale price

120-day trial period

Payment plans available

Made in the USA

No wires. No prescriptions. No more period problems. Jovi contains patented, clinically tested Signal Relief technology that significantly reduces pain without the need for medication. The Jovi patch works by intercepting signals caused by discomfort, soaking them up like a sponge.

The Result - 365+ days of drug-free, reusable relief for period cramps, backaches, and more for only 40¢ per day.


  • (1) reusable 4.5" diameter Jovi patch with patented Signal Relief technology
  • (5) reusable latex-free gel adhesives
  • (1) Jovi envelope
  • (1) Box


Can you imagine a period without cramps? Because, we actually can.

Jovi is a drug-free, reusable patch that provides MASSIVE relief from menstrual cramps in minutes. Powered by patented technology and backed by medical professionals, she’s helping women everywhere experience relief from period cramps like they’ve never felt before.

Clinically tested Signal Relief technology sealed inside the layers of Jovi pick up signals from within the body and absorb the sensations of pain like a sponge. 

Simply place the patch over the area where you are feeling pain and let Jovi work her magic.

Use Jovi for:

  • period cramp relief
  • upper back relief
  • lower back relief
  • shoulder relief
  • neck relief
  • wrist and hand relief
  • foot relief
  • ankle relief
  • knee relief

...and more!

Finding relief with the Jovi patch is as easy as 1-2-3:

Find the source of the pain. (Hint: it might not be where you think it is!) Placement of the patch is the most important step in finding relief. Move the patch slowly, 1" at a time, until you feel the magic kick in.

Once you have located the problem spot(s), secure the patch in place over the area using an included gel adhesive or by simply tucking the patch inside a close-fitting article of clothing. The closer to your body, the better!

Thrive through every day of your menstrual cycle without cramps holding you back! The Jovi patch can be used as often as you need for as long as you need it! One patch is guaranteed to last at least one year, even with daily use.

Relief for period cramps...
Let’s cancel those cramps, shall we? Some women find relief for period cramps by placing the patch on their abdomen, near the uterus. Others have more success with menstrual cramp relief when Jovi is placed on the lower back. We recommend starting with the patch over the uterus and slowly moving it around the body towards your back until you find the correct placement.

Relief for backaches...
It's time to break up with back pain! To ease backaches, simply place the Jovi patch about an inch above where you feel the most severe pain. Give the patch 2-3 minutes to start working and slowly move it around the area an inch at a time, as needed, until you start feeling relief.

The data doesn't lie! Jovi is powered by patented, clinically tested Signal Relief technology that has been shown to significantly reduce the impact of pain.

Our bodies rely on electrical and chemical signals running through the nervous system for everything. When you get injured or experience pain of any kind (hello, period cramps), extra energy is created within the body at the source, similar to how a radio creates static.

When placed between your pain and the brain, the microscopic particles inside Jovi work like an antenna to pick up and absorb these messages, breaking the pain cycle to provide drug-free relief. 

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120-day trial period

Don’t love it? Don’t worry! Send the patch back and we’ll send you a full refund. (Spoiler alert: 97% of our customers happily commit to a long-term relationship with Jovi!)

Payment plans available

Make Jovi more affordable with Payment plans available through Shop Pay! 4 easy payments. Zero interest. 100% worth it.

Made in the USA

All Jovi patches are proudly made in the USA in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. You can find Jovi headquarters in our humble hometown of Rexburg, Idaho.