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Meet the relief everyone is raving about!

Women of Jovi: Meet Dylyn

Women of Jovi: Meet Dylyn

The Women of Jovi series highlights real members of our community who are experiencing life-changing relief and living lives full of possibility thanks to Jovi's incredible technology. 

My name is Dylyn. I’m a 33-year-old Mama, Wife, and Friend, and the Jovi patch has changed my life. That’s quite an intro huh? It’s not hyperbole, after all these years it’s nothing short of a miracle to feel normal again. For me it’s been at least 12 years but honestly, I can’t remember not having my back hurt. I spent 9 of those years being told I was “getting older” and to stretch more, it wasn’t until I got a new doctor who took me seriously, we discovered I had a spinal disease. I was able to get on the correct medications to stop my disease from progressing, but without a cure nothing was ever enough to stop the hurt… That was until March of 2021, when a friend sent me the link to the Meet Jovi site. I spent hours reading the FAQ, the testimonies, then I saw the money back guarantee and thought what do I have to lose? Add to cart!

The day my patch came in the mail, I had spent the last 2 days trying to tape up my small bathroom so I could paint it. I had taken no less than 20 breaks to heat my back, stretch, take medications, etc. I was exhausted and frustrated that something so simple was such a huge task. I took the patch, attached it to the adhesive and placed in my lower back. I told myself that once my back began to hurt, I would take a break… I began to paint, and that moment never came. One moment I was starting on the first wall, singing along to Taylor Swift, and the next moment I had finished the last part of the ceiling. The project that would have taken me days to finish, was done in a matter of hours and I felt great!

It took me a few minutes to let it all sink in, and then the tears came…When was the last time that my back hadn’t hurt?

I couldn’t even remember what it felt like, when you live with it for so long you don’t even realize how bad it is until you’re no longer hurting. I called my Mom to tell her everything, I sent a text to my friend who had sent me the link to thank her, and I quickly ordered the Jovi 3 pack.

I didn’t totally understand why it worked, but I knew I would wear one every day for the rest of my life if it meant I could feel this way forever.

It has been almost a year with my patch, and I am so grateful for every day that I get to spend without the hurt I suffered for so long. Every word I try to use to express my gratitude feels inadequate. What can you say really when something changes your life in such a profound way?

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