Let's geek out

What the heck is happening between the layers of the Jovi Patch?

Glad you asked! We’re here to drop some knowledge on our mind-blowing, world-changing patented neuro capacitive coupling technology.

First intentions of the invention

Made for the military. Transformed for the masses.

The inventors of our patented technology were initially tasked with creating powerful antennas for military use. They needed something reliable, durable, and rugged – yet lightweight and able to function with no external power supply. 

Upon their discovery of the power of nano-sized capacitors, Rhett F. Spencer and Anthony J. Sutera ultimately created antennas small and light enough to be worn as a patch on a soldier's shoulder, but more powerful than the largest military antenna in existence. 

Imagine billions of antennas working together in an array, shrunk down to microscopic levels so small it can exist in liquid form. The versatile nature of this nanotechnology makes it applicable for virtually any device. 

A literal accident-turned-happy accident.

Not long after the discovery of these impressive nanocapacitors, Rhett Spencer was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that left him with several broken ribs and relying on dozens of harsh opioids each day. Not one to go with the status quo, Rhett decided to try out his latest invention to see if the technology would work with his body’s natural electrical signals to help him find relief. Call it a happy accident, fate, or just pure genius – it worked! Rhett was able to stop taking his prescribed pain killers and has been working on improving the nanocapacitor technology ever since. 

Physics + Physical Pain

It’s all about your inner energy.

All bodies radiate and absorb energy. We rely on electrical signals running through the nervous system for everything: sight, smell, touch, memory, thought, and – you guessed it – pain. When we experience pain, it’s actually a result of electrical signals relaying information to the brain through synapses (or as we like to call them, relay stations). When the pain message is picked up and transferred through the relay stations, it creates an unbalanced electrical field – similar to how radios create static. If you think of the human body like a computer, this imbalance requires a reboot of the system. That’s where neuro capacitive coupling comes into play.

Vibe check!

Capacitors work to harvest electrical energy in an electric field. They function a bit like batteries, but they store energy in a different way. Capacitors consist of three parts: two pieces of conductive material (usually small sheets of metal or aluminum) and a center layer of non-conductive material such as air, plastic, ceramic, or rubber. With nano-capacitive arrays, billions of capacitors work together. Sensitive to electrical fields within the body, this nanotechnology works to store energy from the unbalanced electrical field caused by pain messages in the nervous system. The absorption results in the ultimate vibe check, allowing the energy in your body to return to homeostasis, or a healthy state. 

What happens when you place the patch?

Dishing out all the details on Jovi’s inner workings.

Remember the amazing patented neuro capacitor technology we told you about? Your body’s internal energy systems? The need for a reboot when you’re feeling pain? It all comes together in-between the layers of Jovi. 

Inside each patch, billions of nanocapacitors are hard at work intercepting, absorbing, and converting excess energy from within your nervous system. When the patch is placed, an array of tiny antennas absorb the bad vibes to improve overall health and wellness. Picture the patch as a filter, sifting through your body's bad messages to keep them from passing through while still allowing your nervous system to function normally. Jovi absorbs energy from your synapses and stores it until it is discharged as heat through the patch – thus the reason you feel warming relief! Any energy that is not rerouted into the patch is lessened along the way.

Put Jovi's technology to the test.