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Simplify your relief routine -reusable relief you can rely on every. single. day.

Helping women thrive through even the most difficult days

This one's for "the girls"

Thanks to the incredible insight from Jovi Medical Director and award-winning breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Beth DuPree, and countless survivors who have personally used Jovi, we created an empowering line of limited edition Jovi products to help women thrive through everything they go through.

Jovi Combo

$95 per patch when you shop Combo Packs!

The ultimate duo for drug-free period pain relief.

When you experience menstrual pain in multiple areas of your body, the Jovi Combo Pack has your back (and your front)! This 2-Pack provides the versatility you need for relief literally anywhere. Wear the original Jovi Patch to relieve abdominal pain and cramping and secure the Jovi Band on trickier areas such as the lower back, along the pelvic area, on the upper neck, and more.

Jovi Single

$99 per patch when you shop Jovi singles!

Period pain has met its patch.

Jovi is a reusable, flexible patch that reduces the impact of pain during every phase of the menstrual cycle. Place your Jovi patch wherever you need to reduce the impact of pain for fast, 100% drug-free relief you can rely on daily!

One-time purchase. 365+ days of reusable drug free relief

Our mission is simple: To free the women of the world from the pain that holds us back.

Our mission is simple: To free the women of the world from the pain that holds us back.

We believe that magic exists when innovation and passion collide, and that our purpose is bigger than our products. We believe in challenging the status quo, in taking care of our bodies and minds and accepting nothing less than the very best for our health. We believe in solidarity, knowing our stories make us stronger and that our biggest asset is community. We believe the world is a better place when women are free to show up as their best selves, and that life is too short to allow anything to hold us back – period.

Actual tears down my cheeks. Where has this been my whole life?!" –Megan