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Jovi 3-Pack

$65 per patch when you shop 3-Packs

Triple up on relief by wearing the patches over your uterus, on your lower back, and wherever else you experience discomfort during your menstrual cycle.

Jovi Combo

$72 per patch when you shop Combo Packs!

The ultimate duo for drug-free period pain relief.

When you experience discomfort during your cycle in multiple areas of your body, the Jovi Combo Pack has your back (and your front)! This 2-Pack provides the versatility you need for relief literally anywhere. Wear the original Jovi Patch to help relieve abdominal cramping and secure the Jovi Band on trickier areas such as the lower back, along the pelvic area, on the upper neck, and more.

Jovi Single

$90 Per Patch when you shop singles!

Enjoy an Exclusive 40% Discount During Our Extended Holiday Sale!

Jovi is an innovative wellness product that helps alleviate the age-old problem of period cramps.  When placed on the source of your discomfort (looking at you, uterus…), Jovi works to pick up the message your body is sending out, reducing the impact of pain so you can show up as your best self every day of your cycle.

One-time purchase. 365+ days of reusable drug free relief

How to Use/Place Your Jovi Patch

  1. Find the source of your cramps
  2. Secure Jovi over the area, or slightly above
  3. Thrive through your cycle with 100% drug-free relief!
  4. Store your patch in a cool, safe place until you need it next

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