Jovi 3-Pack
Jovi 3-Pack
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Jovi 3-Pack

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Period problems aren’t one-dimensional.

For those who experience more intense symptoms each cycle, triple up on relief with a three-pack of Jovi patches – or split the cost and share the wealth of Jovi with a friend!


  • (3) 4.5” diameter Jovi patches with patented neuro capacitive coupling technology
  • (9) reusable gel adhesives
  • (1) Jovi Envelope
  • (1) Box

Quick Course in Patch Placement

  1. Pinpoint the pesky spot.

    Find the source of the discomfort. (Hint: it might not be where you think it is!) Placement of the patch is the most important step in finding relief.

  2. Place the patch.

    Situate the patch directly above the not-so-sweet spot. Jovi works by intercepting signals caused by discomfort before they make it to the brain – soaking them up like a sponge.

  3. Power through your day.

    Get out there and live your best life. Use Jovi as often as you need for as long as you need it!

…because life is too short to 'go with the flow' of period problems.
Xo, Jovi