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Pain Has Met Its Patch

Meet the crowd favorite for period pain relief!

When it comes to period pain relief, there's no comparison.

Unlike harmful pills, heating pads that mask the pain, or TENS units that distract your brain, Jovi literally absorbs the pain signals coursing through your body.

Together, Jovi and the Jovi Band form an epic duo for relief literally anywhere.

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One-time purchase. 365+ days of reusable drug free relief

How to Use/Place Your Jovi Patch

  1. Find the source of your cramps
  2. Secure directly over the area, or slightly above
  3. Experience relief in as little as seconds!
  4. Store your patch in a cool safe place until you need it next
30,000+ Customers • 97% Customer Satisfaction Rate
“Did I really just get through a period without pills?!?”

Made with the same patented, clinically tested technology you know and love, the Jovi Band is destined to become the next big star of your medicine cabinet!

Actual tears down my cheeks. Where has this been my whole life?!" –Megan