Here at Jovi, we're big supporters of mothers – and Mother Earth is certainly no exception! 

Aint no mama like the one we've got. It's our shared responsibility to help keep this beautiful planet of ours as healthy as can be! This Earth Day (and beyond), consider these facts the next time you reach for disposable relief or medications.

  1. Wastewater treatment systems are not designed to remove pharmaceuticals. Studies have shown that our bodies do not metabolize 100% of the drugs we consume. The percentage that is not absorbed by the body ends up being secreted as waste, flushed down the toilet when we go to the bathroom, and sent to the sewage treatment plant. After this wastewater is treated, it gets released back into local waterways. Sounds great in theory, but wastewater treatment systems don't do a great job of removing toxins caused by pharmaceuticals, and the effects of these medications in water supplies can be hazardous to ecosystems. For instance, even trace amounts of estrogen from oral contraceptives in the water supply have been found to cause reproductive changes in fish. (Source: University of Cincinnati)

  2. Single-use products are filling landfills at staggering rates. It's no secret that single-use products, though typically convenient, can be extremely wasteful. The rate of single-use product waste is growing significantly in the present day, thanks in part to our "throw-away lifestyle." Prescription relief patches are a particular cause for concern, not only due to their disposable/non-recyclable nature, but also because the active ingredient(s) within transdermal patches can seep into local water supplies and/or cause harm to sanitation workers and wildlife if not disposed of properly.

  3. All those trips to the store for over-the-counter relief add up! According to, "U.S. consumers make 26 trips a year to purchase over-the-counter products." That's more than two outings per month, which means using more gas and spending more money on relief products. (Speaking of also found that "U.S. households spend $338 per year on OTC (over the counter) products alone.")

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