Menstrual Cycle Making You Miserable? Here are 4 Common Culprits of Cramps.

Cozy blankets. Chocolate. Favorite binge-worthy shows. Gang’s all here!

Does this scene sound familiar? If you experience period problems, you’re not alone. Roughly 80% of women suffer from cramps, PMS, and other menstrual misfortunes on the regular. And while some of us are simply predisposed to vicious cycles, there are a few things that can help ease your discomfort during “that time of the month.”

4 common culprits of period cramps:


It’s called junk food for a reason! We know it’s hard to maintain a healthy diet when cravings hit, but doing your best not to overindulge can help you out in the long run when it comes to period problems. Consuming too much junk food can directly result in worse cramps. Prefer salty snacks over sweets? Sorry, friend. You’re likely setting yourself up for increased bloating and water retention. Reach for the candy bars and cakes to satisfy your cravings? Foods rich in fatty acids can increase the amount of cramp-causing hormones in the body, adding more discomfort. (Don’t shoot the messenger!)



We get it. Working out is probably pretty far down your list of “what I feel like doing” when you have your period. But research shows that even a small amount of movement and light exercise can help ease cramps and discomfort during your cycle. Many physical trainers and health experts suggest sticking to gentle movements and low-impact exercises while you’re on your period. Walking, yoga/pilates, and low impact weight training are all great ways to get your body moving and some endorphins pumping to help ease your cramps (or at least take your mind off of them!).


Are your hormone levels out of whack? Regulating your hormones can help take period problems down a notch. 

Some signs your hormone levels might be off:

  • Unexplained changes in weight (gain or loss)
  • Increased anxiety and/or irritability
  • Headaches that seem to coincide with your cycle
  • Increased bloating
  • Change in appetite
  • Difficulty getting a good night of sleep
  • Change in sex drive
  • Excessive sweating
  • Sudden acne/skin rashes

Chat with your OB GYN, general physician, or a holistic hormone specialist to find the best way to get your hormones back in sync.


Falling below or above a healthy weight can cause irregular cycles, increased cramps, or can lead to lack of a period. If you’ve noticed unexplained weight gain, weight loss, or you feel like you can’t gain or lose weight no matter what you try, reach out to your OBGYN or general physician for guidance! Getting your body to its ideal healthy weight will help with many aspects of wellness – and reduced period cramps might be another welcomed result! 


There are plenty of things in life that we have to grit our teeth and deal with. Period cramps shouldn’t be one of them. Learn more about the science behind Jovi and how we’re working to free the women of the world from the pain that holds us back.